True health and healing are Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual and it’s done in Community. Join us!
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Grassroots Healthcare Foundation stays committed to supporting the best quality, highly personal, whole-person healthcare and healing services to the community we serve.

Our mission is supported through services provided through partnerships and associations.

We aim to help vulnerable populations like the unemployed, homeless, formerly incarcerated, widows, orphans, single moms, and the marginalized, neglected, abused, and traumatized.

Additionally, we aim to serve patients who desire a personal relationship in the context of whole-person healing and people looking to maximize spiritual fitness in their life.

We desire to partner with our community of service providers, donors, and patients and share our rich diversity of time and talents with each other.

Our current care and support services cater to primary care, free medical care, mobile medical care, mental health, crisis pregnancy, student services, refugee care, ex-prisoner reintegration, substance abuse recovery, homeless care, and international health.

City Free Clinic

City Free Clinic is just that… Free!  With financial support from Grassroots Healthcare Foundation and City Church, the clinic was established on a model independent of insurance companies.  Leveraging strategic partnerships with Americares, MEDSHARE, and our incredible volunteers, we are able to provide comprehensive medical care in an environment of love and empowerment.  We encourage you to check out City Church’s big idea… Love changes everything!  Coming alongside “City Livin’” and “Strike Force” the City Free Clinic supports the incredible life-changing work happening in our community.

Mobile Medical and Dental Adopt-a-Block (WeLoveOurCity)

The heart of the Mobile Medical Clinic is to see our community thrive in vibrant health. The mission of this outreach is to bring wellness checks, blood pressure screenings, diabetes education, and a variety of other services to our Adopt- a-Block neighborhoods. The Mobile Medical Clinic operates on the volunteer efforts of registered nurses, medical doctors, and donations of medical supplies.

Healing Grove Concierge Medicine

Committed to Loving Jesus and Loving Others through Health Care, Soul Care and Culture Care, the Healing Grove team combines Concierge Medicine with Medical Evangelism to bring personalized, high quality, full scope healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Concierge Medicine, also known as Direct Primary Care, is a healthcare model that provides enhanced and personalized medical services to individuals or families who choose to enroll in a membership program. It’s a more exclusive and comprehensive level of care compared to traditional fee-for-service or insurance-based models.

Patients pay an annual membership fee to belong to the concierge practice. This fee grants them access to a range of personalized medical services. Concierge physicians maintain a smaller patient panel compared to traditional practices. This allows them to spend more time with each patient, providing a higher level of attention and personalized care. Longer appointment times enable physicians to thoroughly discuss health concerns, perform comprehensive evaluations, and develop personalized treatment plans. Concierge memberships allow patients to contact their doctors outside of regular office hours to address their needs.

If you are looking for high quality, high availability, Christ centered primary care, enroll in a Healing Grove membership today.

Grassroots Concierge

Grassroots Concierge is a service separate from Grassroots Healthcare Foundation.  Grassroots Concierge was created for members of Grassroots Healthcare Foundation who want to donate in excess of $500 per month and desire concierge-level access. Membership is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by the IRS.  Grassroots provides end-of-year statements to assist your tax preparation showing membership donations minus services provided.  Please consult your tax attorney for assistance as needed.

While DPC membership includes access to the standard “9 to 5” clinic, Concierge Care includes after-hours and immediate access due to even more physician availability.  This option allows members of GHF to provide equity in healthcare while receiving a level of service that empowers them with time to create the wealth that empowers the mission of GHF.

Afghan Refugee Clinic

The Afghan Refugee Clinic is a partnership between Healing Grove and Grassroots Healthcare Foundation. Launched in July 2022, GHF provides a monthly outreach to this community. Partnering with Afghan community leaders, we are honored to be invited into the homes of refugees to perform comprehensive history & physical exams, review of Afghan and US medical records, social service support for access to care, and medical evaluations not limited to laboratory, radiographic, and procedural care. The patients and families served through the monthly GHF outreach are enrolled into Grassroots DPC at no cost and have access to care through our virtual platform.

When the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021 an estimated 150,000 Afghans were evacuated from the country, fearing for their lives. Now about 30,000 Afghan refugees live in Sacramento and another 150,000 known, verified, and identified US partners left behind are on their way. This is a small subset of the 20 million Afghans displaced around the world. These refugees supported and protected our troops in Afghanistan. When they arrive here they are often resettled into situations of poverty. It’s our turn to protect them from the violence and oppression of the Taliban.
Partnering with Afghan community leaders, we are honored to be invited into the homes of refugees to perform comprehensive history & physical exams, review of Afghan and US medical records, social service support for access to care, and medical evaluations not limited to laboratory, radiographic, and procedural care.

It’s our turn to protect them from the dangers of poverty. It’s our turn to show them the love, hospitality and quality of care that Jesus calls us to give them.

Christ Centered Yoking

Christ Centered Yoking and Movement, “CCY” is the practice of connecting the entire being, body, mind, and spirit with God the Father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit, through the modality of movement. In this practice, we will completely rely on God’s Word by way of scripture readings and devotions. “CCY” invites us to surrender our will and tether ourselves to Jesus by introducing us to His mercies that are constantly new for us.

In Christ Centered Yoking and Movement, we live, move, breathe and have our being because of Jesus and we find ourselves grateful, in the presence of His majesty. To Yoke means, pulling the load together, binding ourselves to something (in this case, Jesus) and tethering to that which is Holy. So, we yoke our intentions, movement and breath in Christ alone.

Yoking to Jesus is a discipline, much like prayer, fasting and daily Christ Centered meditation. This has the capacity to enhance our personal growth, belief and faith as we run hard in to the presence of God. These are literally worship and movement sessions designed to bless the heart of a good Father.

Important: You do not need experience to participate, this is for all people at any level.

Restoration Family Counseling Center

Restoration Family Counseling Center is dedicated and focused on meeting the needs of our First Responders and their family. No other group of people deal with more trauma and stress than those who daily lay their lives on-the-line for others and those of us who love them. The emotions that are a part of this work carryover into our personal lives and family experiences. At Restoration Family Counseling Center, we hold a personal interest, and a heartfelt desire, to see our Firefighters, Police Officers, Dispatchers, and their families encouraged, protected, supported, and restored.

Pregnancy Centers (Alpha Clinics, Napa Women’s Center, Spero)

Alpha clinics in Solano County extend compassion to those facing the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. Many women who choose abortion do so because they are afraid of what others will think, afraid their loved ones will abandon them, afraid they won’t be a good parent, afraid their future is over, and the list goes on. Alpha clinics offer 100% free care to those who have nowhere else to turn. Services include pregnancy testing, ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy options counseling, Medi-Cal assistance, material assistance, and more.

Spero serves Yolo County offering non-judgmental support and friendship in a safe atmosphere to help you face difficult pregnancy decisions.  Their Mission is to promote the sanctity of all human life, born and unborn, by providing life-affirming services which empower mothers to choose life.  We want every woman in Yolo County to have easy access to all the spiritual, educational, medical, and support resources she needs to choose life for her baby.

Laura Ronay Wellness

Live each daily fully– in balance– productive, active, and present, with heart, joy, and gratitude. With over 20+ years of experience, I strive to empower people to access their full potential and live their best life in an achievable way.  As a transformation coach, I partner with you to visualize a change and help move you to realize that change. I invite clients to ‘Be Seen’ and help hold them accountable to show up for themselves and their community.  I meet my clients in person, on the phone, or via Zoom through our time together. I assist you in focusing on your hurdles and options, then strategize how to attain the outcome that moves you to where you ultimately want to be. I will provide structure and support through the process as you evolve, transform and implement the change you are searching for, becoming the person you envision being. Let’s connect for a free 30-minute consultation.

Christina Pann Holistic Nutrition

Your body speaks to you through symptoms.  Listening to your body involves the work of identifying and tending to the root of what is ailing you— not just your symptoms.  There is no quick fix. But we believe your body is AWESOME and that every moment of every day it’s working to express health and restore balance. Christian is a Bauman College Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant with advanced training in Functional Medicine.  Book a FREE 15-minute introductory call to learn more about how Functional Medicine and Holistic Nutrition can change your life.

Live Free

Live Free’s mission is that you personally experience intimacy with Jesus and the importance of self-love & compassion— the basics in walking your true identity in Christ. You will also encounter how meditating on the scriptures opens up new truths about who you are that have been buried by believing lies from the enemy. These truths will unlock God’s abundance in newfound gifts as you heal hurts and old wounds.

It is your time to walk in total freedom in Christ. Members of all faith communities (or non-members) are welcome, knowing this is a Biblically-based approach.

Warrior Tribe Fitness

Warrior Tribe Fitness aspires to be a community (tribe) of individuals (warriors) that inspires others to live a thriving life through physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.  We are a tribe of individuals who believe in exercising the mind, body, and soul. We are a tribe of individuals who fight for what we believe in. We are a tribe of individuals who see the obstacles in life and do not quit when it gets tough.  WE ARE A WARRIOR TRIBE!

City Livin’ Center

City Livin’ Center is a 12 month Education & Discipleship Program where lives are renewed every day. Our curriculum includes: Personal, Spiritual, and Social Development; Education and Group Meetings; Life Skills, Mentorship & Counseling; Celebrate Recovery 12-Step Program; and Interaction with the Community The first step is calling for a phone interview followed by a follow-up in-person interview. If accepted, at the in-person interview, the new resident will make a 12 month live-in commitment. At City Livin’ we have caring staff that have lived experience, so we totally understand the pitfalls and reasons (not excuses) why things can end up in a way that was not planned or expected. Many difficulties in life, including Adverse Childhood Experiences, can negatively impact our Free Will (thoughts, behaviors, and outlook on life). The City Livin’ Center is a faith-based, but not faith-required, affordable facility with a minimum stay of 12 months. We provide hope and help for those struggling with substance abuse, depression, anger, control, past physical and sexual abuse, and other life-controlling issues. Contact Us Today: 707-426-2172

Prison Church Network

The heart of the Prison Church Network (PCN) is to provide community. The purpose of the community is to provide spiritual guidance, educational opportunities and transitional support. PCN programming includes: church services are available on inmate media outlets in all California State Prisons; weekly services with a campus pastor for each prison, supported by a local church; small groups taking place in prisons to support inmates in addiction recovery, discipleship, restorative justice, financial planning, and more; assistance for inmates transitioning out of prison through support groups, housing, and employment.

Strike Force

“Strike Force” is a love offering from City Church in Fairfield, CA, to their homeless community. It is a welcome environment and a nice place to hang out. This is a time and place where members of our homeless community can come to receive personal necessities. Strike Force is active 7 days a week, offering free showers, free lunch, free clothes, and free hygiene. Strike Force is actively building relationships throughout the community, offering hope and a pathway to transformation.

  • Free showers
  • Free lunch
  • Free clothes
  • Free Hygiene products

In addition to this, we are actively building relationships throughout the community, offering hope and a pathway to transformation.

KLOVE 30-Day Challenge

Music communicates with us through primitive parts of our brain.  It can inspire, motivate, and bring us joy.  It can also heal!  Listening to positive messages embedded in music impacts mood, health-related behaviors, and predisposes us to start each interaction with a positive expectation.  The KLOVE 30-day challenge is simple.  Just find your local KLOVE radio station or download the KLOVE app and ONLY listen to KLOOVE for 30 days.  Simple.  Powerful.  Healing.

Additionally, You can click on the LEARN MORE tab below to sign up for 30-days of Encouragement.  Once per day, you’ll get an encouraging message to inspire you, remind you that you are Loved, and refill you with Hope!  By signing up for the 30-Days of Encouragement, you’ll receive encouraging content featuring K-LOVE artists, stories of hope, and devotionals.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a Christ-centered, 12-step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain, or addiction of any kind. CR is a safe place to find help, relief, and independence from the issues influencing our way of life. There are now 35,000 Celebrate Recovery programs around the world. We let people know about the healing power of Jesus Christ and what he can do to the hurt and broken among us (including ourselves). CR is not just in churches but in recovery houses, rescue missions, universities, and prisons around the world.

Celebrate Recovery Small Groups CAN:

  • Provide you a safe place to share your experiences, strengths, and hopes with others.
  • Provide you with a leader who has gone through a similar hurt, hang-up, or habit and who will facilitate the group as it focuses on a particular Step each week.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to find an Accountability Partner or a Sponsor.
  • Encourage you to attend other recovery meetings held throughout the week.

Celebrate Recovery Small Groups Will NOT:

  • Attempt to offer any professional advice. Our leaders are not counselors. At your request, we can provide you with a list of approved counseling referrals.
  • Allow its members to attempt to “fix” one another.


Founded and led by Rose Romant Todd, a.k.a. “Mama Rose,” “Release” offers individual and group peer-to-peer counseling, guided workshops, and therapy to people affected by the loss of life. Whether your loss comes from suicide, homicide, accident, disease, or other, and whether it be from prenatal life to old age, Release is a place to spend time contemplating your loss and working through the deliberate process of mental and spiritual healing. Additionally, the Release team organizes and leads an annual “Rachel’s Vineyard” retreat. At Rachel’s Vineyard, you find a safe place to renew, rebuild, and redeem your heart that was broken by pregnancy loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, and/or abortion). The weekend retreat offers you a supportive, confidential, and non-judgmental environment where women and men can express, release, and reconciles painful post-abortive emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal, and healing. Retreats are held annually with sponsorships available through Grassroots Healthcare Foundation. Individual counseling is offered on an ongoing basis.

Bay Area Medical Mission (BAMM)

Bay Area Medical Missions (BAMM) is a community of people who want to serve God and those in need using their collective gifts of time, talent and love. BAMM teams share a common desire to live out their Christian faith by serving through short-term medical missions with a ‘glocal’ focus: serving those in need both locally as well as internationally. BAMM is a hub for an enlarging community of people, medical and non-medical, who are looking for ways to serve those in need locally and globally. BAMM organizes and develops opportunities for local and global efforts. Our current active ministries areas are Project Mercy in Ethiopia, San Francisco City Academy in The Tenderloin (San Francisco), and the Peace of Eden Community Garden in Fairfield, CA.

Love Never Fails

Working with vulnerable populations affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences, Love Never Fails works to restore, educate, and protect survivors of human trafficking. Their amazing work starts with rescue and continues with shelter, protection, rehab, reconciliation, job training & placement, and consistent Love throughout the process. LNF’s approach holistically addresses survivors’ needs on their journey to safety and wholeness.

LNF programs are developed with one person in mind. We seek the “one” marginalized, forgotten, unseen, or lost person – so that we can show them Grace, Healing, and Love. Our approach holistically addresses survivors’ needs on their journey to safety and wholeness with services including Housing, Education, Outreach, Community Engagement, and Mentoring.

Park & Sleep Thursday Night Clinic

Park & Sleep is located in the parking lot of City Church. Of course, the church isn’t using the parking lot overnight so they graciously opened their gates to people living out of their cars. The church did this to share dinner and show some love to at-risk people.

This group has become a community. Protected from overnight predators by an on-duty security guard and safely in their cars behind a locked gate, the men, women and children give each other mutual support and connection.

Our Thursday Night clinic at City Free Clinic is reaching vulnerable people on the edge of survival. We have become the viable alternative to emergency room care and in the short existence of this clinic, we have seen amazing healing.

Project Mercy (Ethiopia)

Project Mercy is the most complete development project in the world for an organization of our size!  We attack poverty from all angles. We cannot just educate children if the only outcome is to make them discontented with limited job opportunities. We cannot just treat symptoms of malnutrition in the clinic if we don’t improve food security and agriculture production. We cannot just teach good hygiene practices if people still need to bathe and drink from the same contaminated water supply. Every day, we work to renew a heart of a nation and change lives. Our goal is to root out systematic poverty within Ethiopia by providing healthcare, education, food security, adult skills, and infrastructure.

Get Involved

Grassroots Healthcare Foundation is a missional organization. We are called to Love with Grace. We yearn to produce Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control. We can only do this in Community.

Additional Resources

  • Please contact us if you are involved in healing through the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of healing.  We are growing our community of healers and want to be a gateway to health!  Let us highlight your mission here.