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Grassroots DPC offers an innovative model of primary care and is a part of an emerging social movement in the field of medicine. Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) services focus on returning the value of patient-doctor relationships by not depending on insurance which involves an unnecessary costly billing system for the patient. DPC aims to bring convenience with low cost and reliable budget-friendly services.

Through our memberships, you have access to unrestricted visits with no time limits, enabling you to see us as often and as long as needed to ensure your best health.  

We attend to all aspects of care required to maintain your optimal health and quality of life. We cater to all ages including wellness & prevention, prescription & non-prescription medications, acute care, chronic disease management, women’s health & obstetrics, sports medicine, travel medicine, and including minor procedures.  We utilize a trauma informed care model with emphasis on Healing and Health in Community with others.

We believe that Direct Primary Care revitalizes patient-doctor relationships, enabling good medical care and fixing our broken healthcare system. DPC is our key partnership back to the center of healthcare, where it primarily belongs.

What Is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

  • DPC is an alternative primary care model recreating the fundamental partnership between the patient and physician, enhancing access, improving quality, and reducing cost.
  • DPC improves health outcomes and patient experience through the investment of the good patient-physician partnership.
  • DPC increases access obtained to a more reasonable number of patients per healthcare provider, responsive scheduling, and efficient, direct communication with the patient’s physician.

What Is NOT Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

  • DPC is not an insurance program or policy and is not a substitute for insurance.
  • DPC is not concierge care. Membership fees cover actual costs for a standard “9 to 5” clinic, but improved access provides better care utilization.  Concierge care includes after hours and immediate access which has higher costs due to even more physician availability.
  • DPC is not encumbered by insurance authorizations, standard billing, third-party payers, or other organizations impeding care.

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* Grassroots DPC is a service separate from Grassroots Healthcare Foundation.  Grassroots DPC was created as a way to thank the members of Grassroots Healthcare Foundation to give them access to DPC care.  Membership is tax deductible to the extent allowable by the IRS.  Grassroots  provides end of year statements to assist your tax preparation showing membership donations minus services provided.  Please consult your tax attorney for assistance as needed.